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Hendren 1

New album out September 10th:

hendren 1

about hendren

hendren abides in a universe where Frank Ocean, Jim Jarmusch and Father John Misty throw a party in a small dank underground club in Berlin packed with 50 souls. Here his R&B-drones thrive and saturate the room in a mysterious darkness where his melancholic pop songs come to life to never see the light. Searingly honest and personal, Hendren’s lyrics frequently delve into mental health, addiction and, dark romance. Akin to Leonard Cohen he cannot help but always offer glints of hope, that seep through the cracks in everything.

hendren is the alias of Marty T. Zwart, musician, carpenter, roadie, lover and father. Marty played guitar in the band of brothers Coppersky for 12 years, released 4 records with them and toured all over Europe.

Hasjasjeen is the 3rd hendren song to be released and will be accompanied by a video created by  himself and his brother Robert Zwart, in 2 nights, with 1 camera and 2 lights. Hasjasjeen will appear on Hendren’s debut album: Hendren 1, September 2021

The album is done! Hendren 1 will be released digitally on September 10! 😎
This is my brother Robert-Jan! We’ve been making music together for 17 years now and recently we’ve also been creating hendren video’s together, with Robert doing all the camera and editing work! 

Late august the video for hasjasjeen will drop and I still can’t believe we filmed that video in 2 nights, working around our busy schedules with work, kids, fun etc. Robert-Jan did an amazing job editing this video and we both can’t wait to share this with the world! 
This photo is a tb Koningsdag 2017
Love you!! @dhrzwart 
I’ve been working on my guitar sound for ages and think it’s near where I want it to be. My voice needs a lot of work before the live shows later this year. DM me if you know anyone who could help me out with that! (I have a slight preference for meeting in real life because I don’t have a laptop ;)..) XO❤️
While crossing the desert/wasteland aka my mind, I came across the words; “I have always been rooting for us”. These words became my personal mantra and I will keep repeating them until I forget the meaning of every word. It is an essential part of my nature to cheer others on, so here you go! Wait a couple of days and then blast this song on repeat (and add a little bass to the mix, I think you might like the subs).. 😎❤️
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Produced by: @spijkgroenendijkmusic 
📷: @charlesengelken